Customer Announcement

Paso Robles, CA selects Velosimo for Accela and Adobe Sign Integration

Paso Robles, CA has partnered with Velosimo – the only provider of cloud-native, off-the-shelf integration connectors designed explicitly for government – to reduce process complexity, lower costs, improve staff productivity, and deliver modern, connected digital experiences for staff and citizens.

"We are thrilled Paso Robles has selected Velosimo’s revolutionary readymade connectors to help modernize their digital services,” said Kris Trujillo, Velosimo CEO. “It’s wonderful to see the agency's leadership in delivering the highest level of touchless services and modern, connected experiences."

With the new normal of contactless Government services comes the reality that 'Sign here please' no longer includes pen and paper, and instead must be digital. And that digital signing experience needs to be automated and woven seamlessly into the overall process that includes technologies from Accela and Adobe Sign, enabling a modern, connected experience.Paso Robles Selects Velosimo

El Paso, known officially as El Paso de Robles (Spanish for "The Pass of Oaks"), is located approximately halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles and enjoys long-lasting, mild autumns and occasional early springs. This unique climate delivers an abundance of almonds, olives, and grapes, resulting in El Paso being well known for its olive oil, wine, and wineries, in addition to its hot springs.

And now, the city joins other prominent public sector agencies in leveraging Velosimo’s revolutionary no-code connectors to modernize their services with seamless and uninterrupted digital experiences. Simultaneously, eliminating redundant work, manual tasks, complexity, and confusion while lowering costs and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Velosimo’s revolutionary off-the-shelf connectors for Accela and Adobe Sign enable modern, connected experiences that government staff and customers expect and need today, across solutions, and across the world. Now available for subscription or trial.

Paso Robles joins the Velosimo family via our latest reseller, Silver Lining Solutions.

About Velosimo

Velosimo provides no-code, cloud-native, off-the-shelf integration connectors explicitly built for government and the distinct scenarios of inner-system use by staff and citizens, with connector management and deep insight into all connected systems transactions on the Velosimo Connect integration platform as a service (iPaaS). Velosimo also provides a revolutionary, low-code environment for rapid custom connector development by Government Technology Companies, System Integrators, and government agencies.

The Velosimo Marketplace showcases the burgeoning collection of quickly-enabled, readymade, certified connectors from Velosimo and their partners.

Government agencies are turning to Velosimo as their escalated move towards online, touchless service drives the need for predictable systems interoperability and modern, uninterrupted user experiences.