Integrate Accela with Velosimo Connectors

Revolutionary Integration Connectors for Accela

Velosimo has partnered with Accela to provide no-code, easy-to-use, off-the-shelf integration connectors built for the business user in Government. Easy to set up so your agency and citizens realize the benefits quickly.

With dozens of integrations to modern solutions for Digital Citizen Services, Electronic Document Management, Document Review, e-Signatures, Enterprise, Financials, Payments, and Utilities.




Accela Integrations
It's quick and easy to integrate your Accela Platform

Integrate Accela at your Agency Today!

Dozens of No-Code Accela Integrations for your Agency

Accela Integrations
Accela Integrations

"This has saved us a lot of time…citizens as well… because it only takes a few minutes to send and receive a signed permit back"

"It’s a high-impact connection...we save employee file management time by 90%"

"Quick wins without adding resources... Velosimo’s pre-built connector provided Macomb County with a hassle-free experience"

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Velosimo Delivers Meanignful Impact to Government 2-1
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