Local Government IT System Integration Made Easy

Integration Obsolescence & Technical Debt

Today’s Local Government IT departments require modern cloud integration solutions purpose-built for their use cases that offer tightly coupled no-code | low-code integration and application development services that are:

  • Easy to implement
  • Easy to maintain
  • Secure & scalable

Yet, technical obsolescence and debt are still common.

For example, it is well understood that Point-to-Point (“P2P”) application integrations result in exponential technical complexity, significantly increasing the Total Cost of Ownership and risk to an organization's entire IT architecture. 

However, existing cloud integration vendors provide Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) and Low-Code Application Platform (LCAP) solutions as separate services purpose-built for private sector integration use cases, providing little-to-no support for standard government-focused SaaS and on-premise applications, business flows, and custom cloud app development requirements.

Current IT Architectures Are a Mess

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Your Future IT Architecture

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Modern Cloud Integration Services for Local Government

Velosimo was founded to be the strategic cloud integration partner Local Government IT leaders need to help digitally enable superior public services for the communities they serve with modern cloud integration services.

Velosimo’s Connect Platform is the only No-Code | Low-Code Cloud Integration Service Purpose-Built for Local Governments designed to help build IT Centers of Excellence across the enterprise in:

  • System Integration
  • Data Extensibility
  • App Development

The Connect Platform’s benefits include: 

  • Speeding & derisking application modernization projects
  • Improving productivity & efficiency of senior and junior technical staff
  • Increasing the agility & responsiveness of IT organizations
  • Reducing the complexity & technical debt of IT architectures
  • Reducing long-term CAPEX & direct Labor costs associated with application portfolios

The Connect Platform includes pre-built No-Code connectors for standard GovTech applications and an integrated Low-Code application development environment for quickly and effectively composing cloud-native custom applications. 

Ready to streamline your agency's workflows?

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Velosimo Connect Platform

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