The Next Generation of Government Technology Integration is Here

Our next generation of government technology integration enables government to meet citizens’ expectations of modern and uninterrupted online experiences.

We believe our online experiences with government agencies should be as easy as with retail, so we are ushering in the Connected Revolution with easy-to-use, no-code connectors built specifically for government services.

Join the revolution in delivering a modern, connected experience to your staff and citizens.

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The Only Unified No-Code | Low-Code iPaaS + PaaS Solution Purpose-Built for County and Municipal Governments


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"The cool thing about an integration platform like this is, say, for example, we are using (a permitting platform) now, but for some purpose, we need DocuSign. You already have the integration, so I don’t have to worry about integrating it because you have already done it. It’s another layer of the infrastructure that needs to be there to integrate our platforms."

Announcing our Series A Funding

At Velosimo, we believe our online experiences with government agencies should be as easy as with retail providers. And this investment helps us on our journey to transform our virtual engagements with government. Please join us for a few minutes to hear about the reasoning behind velosimo, the difference we make, and the value we bring to all of government and our digital experiences in a personal message from our Founder and CEO by clicking here. Also, you can find the press release here, and a great piece from our friends at GovTech.

Our amazing customers say it the best!

"This has saved us a lot of time…citizens as well… because it only takes a few minutes to send and receive a signed permit back"

"It’s a high-impact connection...we save employee file management time by 90%"

"Quick wins without adding resources... Velosimo’s pre-built connector provided Macomb County with a hassle-free experience"

I can’t express enough how much appreciation I have for your system, the tireless work and effort you put into it, and the support you provide. This update gives me tears of joy level happiness. Thank you!"

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Readymade intergation conenctors built for the the business user

Our Latest Integrations

Agencies continue to embrace our revolutionary platform, with requests for more no-code integrations. As a result, we are pleased to announce the addition of nine new off-the-shelf connectors in Finance and Payments, Digital Citizen Services, and Electronic Signatures for Forte, OpenCounter, ESRI, DocuSign, Springbrook,, LexisNexis, Accela, Cityworks, and Laserfiche. Check them all out here and enjoy same-day benefits of revolutionary Velosimo no-code connectors.

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Velosimo Brings Value to Government

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Predictable and foolproof interoperability, smart recovery from connected systems outages, and bulletproof through future systems upgrades.


Prebuilt Integrations

Growing Marketplace of off the shelf connectors built to specific government use cases and systems interoperability. Simple and easy no-code setup and maintenance designed for business users.


Delighted Customers

Deliver a connected and uninterrupted experience for your staff and citizens, and avoid staff frustrations and errors of double data entry and reconciliation. And gain insight into systems outages and recovery.


Lowered Costs

Avoid costly legacy system replacement by connecting modern extensions, eliminate redundant systems and extend use of enterprise agreements, and avoid costly double data entry mistakes and corrections.


Some of our Amazing Customers

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