Automated Case Synchronization between Accela and ArcGIS

Accela Civic Platform to ArcGIS  Integration Connector

With the Velosimo off-the-shelf integration for Accela to ArcGIS two-way communication between Accela and GIS becomes easy to implement and use. With pre-defined flows Velosimo provides additional GIS capabilities to Accela users.

Accela to ArcGIS Connector

Automate interoperability between Accela and ArcGIS

  • From any Accela event, take the Accela address and create a GIS point in a defined target layer
  • From any Accela event, take the Accela Parcel and copy the parcel geometry into a defined target layer
  • Run spatial analysis queries that validate or return data to Accela at any point in the business process
  • Easily generate your list of properties that should be notified of upcoming projects using buffer analysis flows. The list of parcels to be notified is uploaded to Accela Documents as a CSV file
  • Supports Accela On-Premise and Cloud

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