iNovah for automated Central Cashiering with Accela Civic Platform

iNovah to Accela Civic Platform Integration Connector

With the Velosimo off-the-shelf integration for iNovah to Accela Civic Platform, agencies can use iNovah for Central Cashiering by easily accepting payments for Civic Platform permits and licenses within iNovah with automated synchronization, including updating Accela with payment information.

iNovah to Accela Integration Connector

Automated permit and payment data synchronization between iNovah and Accela.

  • Retrieve and pay for accela civic platform invoices from within iNovah
  • Process payments in cash, check, credit card, and ACH Bank Transfers
  • Accela Permit and License information is presented in the iNovah system, including invoices, balances, permit number, address, and contact
  • iNovah payment transactions are automatically reflected in Accela Civic Platform
  • Supports Accela On-Premise and Cloud 
  • Quick and easy setup and maintenance designed for business users
  • Insight into transactions, smart recovery activities, and connected system outages

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