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Simplifying Workflows with Velosimo Integration Connectors

In today's fast-paced world, businesses rely on smooth and efficient workflows to stay competitive. Velosimo, a leading integration solutions provider, offers a suite of integration connector tools that make it easier for different software applications to work together seamlessly. In this blog post, we will explore a demonstration showing how Velosimo's integration connectors can simplify obtaining a building permit by connecting various software platforms like Cityworks, DocuSign, Bluebeam, and Laserfiche.

Integration 1: Cityworks and DocuSign
Streamlining the Permit Application Process

Cityworks permit and licensing processing can now be extended with Velosimo's integration connectors to send the application to DocuSign for electronic signatures automatically. This eliminates printing, signing, and scanning documents, making the process more efficient. The signed document seamlessly returns to Cityworks for further processing, ensuring a smooth and paperless workflow.

  • Initiate application and licensing processes in Cityworks integrated with DocuSign.
  • Use Velosimo's integration connector to automatically send the application or license to DocuSign for electronic signatures.
  • Automatically returned the signed document to Cityworks to move the process forward.
  • Signatures can be sent using any relevant Cityworks Action Manager event. Examples are Case creation, workflow status updates, and inspection results.
  • Eliminate the need for printing, signing, and scanning documents and drive time for customers.

Integration 2: Cityworks and Bluebeam
Efficient Collaboration on Building Plans

By integrating Cityworks with Bluebeam, teams can collaborate seamlessly in a digital plan review process. Cityworks automatically sends plans to Bluebeam for review and markup. Within Bluebeam's user-friendly interface, users can make annotations, comments, and markups to streamline the review process in a collaborative online environment. Once the review is complete, the approved documents are seamlessly returned to Cityworks, eliminating the need for manual file transfers and ensuring everyone has access to the latest versions.

  • Collaborate efficiently on plan review by integrating Cityworks with Bluebeam.
  • Automatically send building and site plans from Cityworks to Bluebeam for review and markups.
  • Make annotations, comments, and markups within Bluebeam's user-friendly interface.
  • Produce a markup summary document to make the process easier for the applicant. 
  • Once the review is complete, the approved documents are seamlessly brought back into Cityworks, eliminating manual file transfers.

Integration 3: Cityworks and Laserfiche
Simplified Document Management

  • Simplify document management by connecting Cityworks with Laserfiche.
  • Transfer attachments from Cityworks to Laserfiche using Velosimo's integration connectors.
  • Automate the organization and storage of documents within Laserfiche.
  • Ensure easy access and retrieval of documents associated with Cityworks projects.


Velosimo's integration connectors simplify workflows by seamlessly connecting different software applications. Businesses can save time, increase efficiency, and reduce errors by automating tasks and eliminating manual data entry and file transfers. Whether obtaining signatures with DocuSign, collaborating on building plans with Bluebeam, or organizing documents with Laserfiche, Velosimo's integration connectors provide a comprehensive solution for streamlining processes. Take advantage of Velosimo's tools today and experience the benefits of a more efficient workflow!