Automated DocuSign Processing from Cityworks PLL

Cityworks PLL to DocuSign Integration Connector

With the Velosimo off-the-shelf integration for Cityworks to DocuSign, digital signatures are woven seamlessly into daily government processes in Cityworks with automated assignment, routing, and final document archiving for a fully automated and integrated end-to-end review and signature process and modern, uninterrupted experience for staff and customers.

Cityworks PLL to Docusign Integration Connector Capabilities: 

    • Leverages existing Cityworks configuration to add eSignatures into your existing workflows
    • Take advantage of signatures using DocuSign tools for both citizen and staff signing needs
    • The signed documents are automatically uploaded to the Cityworks case when complete
    • Leverage real-time searching to Cityworks to ensure current and accurate data in the signing process
    • Create signing templates to easily manage repeat documents for different signers
    • Quick and easy no-code setup of Signature markers and date fields for any document with signatures
    • Quick and easy setup and maintenance designed for business users
    • Easily update or add new documents and flows without programming
    • Insight into transactions, smart recovery activities, and connected system outages

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