Automated Laserfiche Processing from Cityworks

Cityworks to Laserfiche Integration Connector

With the Velosimo off-the-shelf integration for Cityworks to Laserfiche, document processes are integrated and automated between Laserfiche and Cityworks.

Cityworks to Laserfiche Integration Connector Automatically send documents from Cityworks to Laserfiche

  • Agency-specific dynamic Laserfiche folder names are automatically created using Cityworks data fields from Cityworks case.
  • Easy to map metadata from Cityworks to Laserfiche:
    • Folder Mapping - allows an administrator to define the folder structure from Laserfiche that is used within the connector
    • Quick attribute mapping from Cityworks data to Fields and Templates on new folders and files in Laserfiche
  • Ability to set tags on new Laserfiche folders
  • Cityworks Respond and Cityworks Office are both supported
  • Quick and easy setup and maintenance designed for business users
  • Insight into transactions, smart recovery activities, and connected system outages


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