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Velosimo and LOGIS Partnership: Transforming Public Sector Solutions

We are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership between Velosimo and Local Government Information Systems (LOGIS). This collaboration combines Velosimo's innovative No Code Connector Marketplace with LOGIS's expertise in technology solutions for local governments. This alliance aims to enhance public sector technology, making it more adaptable and practical for community services. Kris Trujillo, CEO of Velosimo, adds, "This collaboration with LOGIS is a significant step in our mission to enhance technology in the public sector. Our No Code Connector Marketplace and LOGIS's deep expertise will bring a new level of innovation and practicality to local government technology."

LOGIS has been a key player since 1972, offering specialized software solutions to Minnesota local governments for various finance, public safety, GIS, and community development solutions.  Their approach is centered around collaboration and understanding the unique needs of local governments. Meanwhile, Velosimo's iPaaS brings a refined technology interaction for government agencies, offering a wide range of no-code integration connectors for platforms like Accela. 

Tom Blaeser, Director of Application Support and Development at LOGIS, commented, "We're enthusiastic about leveraging Velosimo's technologies to enhance our software solutions and better serve our communities."

LOGIS and Accela recently entered a partnership to help modernize the community development software available to approximately 30 agencies in the LOGIS network, currently utilizing a legacy solution.  These agencies will now have the option to access a more modern solution, the Accela Civic Platform, enhanced with several integrations powered by Velosimo.

While LOGIS has access to all the current Accela connectors, LOGIS will begin with making plan review, Laserfiche, Esri GIS, Invoice Cloud, and Oracle integrations available to the LOGIS member community.

This partnership is not just a merger of services but a commitment to empower local governments with advanced technology.  Velosimo is thrilled to join hands with LOGIS and looks forward to the impactful changes our combined expertise will bring to local governments and communities.

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Velosimo is ushering in the Connected Revolution with no-code technology connectors explicitly built for connected experiences with government and the distinct scenarios of inner-system use by staff and citizens while providing connector management, deep insight, and self-healing transactions for all related systems on the Velosimo Connect integration platform as a service (iPaaS). Velosimo also provides a revolutionary, low-code environment for rapid custom connector development by Government Technology Companies, System Integrators, and government agencies.

The Velosimo Marketplace showcases the burgeoning collection of quickly-enabled, off-the-shelf, certified connectors from Velosimo and their partners.

Government agencies are turning to Velosimo as their move towards online touchless service drives the need for predictable systems interoperability and modern, uninterrupted user experiences.