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Efficiency Boost: Velosimo and GovBuilt Optimize Government Permitting and Licensing

Velosimo, the only iPaaS provider purpose-built for local governments, has partnered with GovBuilt to offer streamlined permitting and licensing processes for local governments. To integrate GovBuilt's permitting and licensing software with Bluebeam Studio, this partnership will use Velosimo's integration platform, which is popular among local governments and top govtech software providers. By utilizing Velosimo's robust APIs and GovBuilt's user-friendly interface, GovBuilt's local government customers can access a comprehensive suite of digital tools to help them manage the permit and electronic plan view processes in a more efficient and seamlessly integrated way. This integration will enable local government officials to digitally handle the entire permitting and plan review process, saving time, reducing errors, and increasing transparency.

"We are thrilled to partner with GovBuilt to offer a solution that can significantly improve local governments' permitting and licensing processes," said Kris Trujillo, CEO of Velosimo. "Our integration platform is purpose-built for local governments, and by integrating with GovBuilt's software, we are providing a solution to help local governments become more efficient and effective in their operations."

GovBuilt's software is designed specifically to meet the needs of local governments, and by integrating with Bluebeam, local governments can easily manage all documents and data associated with permits and licenses in a centralized location. This integration also allows for easy collaboration and communication between departments, ensuring that all stakeholders are updated throughout the process.

"Partnering with Velosimo was an easy choice for us," said Robert Disberger, GovBuilt's Vice President of Sales. "Their integration platform is the go-to solution for many govtech-focused software companies, and we knew our software would perfectly fit their APIs." "By working together, we can offer local governments a comprehensive solution that will help them modernize their operations and improve the experience for their constituents."

The partnership between Velosimo and GovBuilt is an example of how technology is transforming local governments' operations. By leveraging the power of digital solutions and better connecting the permitting and licensing processes to the electronic plan review process, local governments can streamline their processes, reduce costs, and deliver better services to their communities.

"We are confident that this partnership will positively impact local governments," said Trujillo. "By offering a comprehensive solution that integrates with popular document management systems and better connects the permitting and licensing process to the electronic plan review process, we are making it easier than ever for local governments to manage the permit and licensing process." "We look forward to continuing to work with GovBuilt to deliver innovative solutions to our customers."


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