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Oakland, CA partners with Velosimo to streamline permitting process with integration connectors.

The City of Oakland has teamed up with Velosimo, a top supplier of integration connectors for governmental software systems, to streamline the City's approval and planning procedures for construction projects. Oakland's permitting procedure will be streamlined and made more effective for developers by integrating Velosimo's connectors with the Accela Civic Platform and ePlanSoft. This collaboration will help the City increase its supply of affordable housing while also cutting expenses for all stakeholders.

The permitting process will be greatly streamlined by Velosimo's integration connections, according to CEO Kris Trujillo, who also claims that this would save time and money for both developers and the City. Oakland's planning and permitting processes were ineffective and time-consuming prior to this collaboration, which increased prices for developers and reduced the availability of affordable housing for residents. The procedure will be shortened with Velosimo's integration connectors, saving developers time and money and making it simpler for the City to approve new development projects. Overall, the community in Oakland will benefit from this relationship, which also represents a big advance for affordable housing.


Oakland chooses velosimo connector

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Velosimo provides cloud-native, off-the-shelf technology connectors explicitly built for government and the distinct scenarios of inner-system use by staff and citizens, with connector management and deep insight into all connected systems transactions on the low-code Velosimo enterprise integration and development platform. The Velosimo Marketplace showcases the burgeoning collection of quickly-enabled, off-the-shelf, certified connectors from Velosimo and their partners.

Government agencies are turning to Velosimo as their move towards online, touchless service drives the need for predictable systems interoperability and modern, uninterrupted user experiences.