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Hollister, CA selects Velosimo to integrate Laserfiche, Bluebeam, Tyler Cashiering to Accela

Velosimo and Hollister, CA have joined forces in a new partnership aimed at streamlining the day-to-day duties of the city. The partnership will see the implementation of three new Velosimo connectors, namely Laserfiche, Bluebeam, and Tyler Cashiering, all of which will be integrated with Accela. The move is aimed at making the day-to-day operations of Hollister more efficient and effective, reducing the time and effort required to complete tasks and improving the overall work experience for its employees.

The connectors, Laserfiche, Bluebeam, and Tyler Cashiering, will allow for seamless integration between Accela and other essential systems used by Hollister. This integration will make it easier for employees to access the information they need, and complete tasks more efficiently. The connectors will also allow for the automation of routine tasks, freeing up time for employees to focus on more important and value-adding activities. This new partnership is set to revolutionize the way Hollister operates, and will undoubtedly have a positive impact on its productivity and efficiency.


Hollister chooses velosimo


Hollister is home to the famous Hollister Motorcycle Rally.  The event, founded by locals in 1947, takes place over two days and includes live music, food, vendors, and a parade. The Hollister Motorcycle Rally honors the legacy of the city's automotive and biking culture and attracts thousands of riders, tourists, and fans of all ages every year.  Hollister is also part of San Benito County which has the largest population of native elk in the state of California.


The Velosimo Connector for Accela, Laserfiche, Bluebeam, and Tyler Cashiering ensures modern and uninterrupted payment services for Hollister


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