Velosimo Funding Raise and Transforming Digital Experiences

KrisAt Velosimo, we believe our online experiences with government agencies should be as easy as with retail providers. And this investment helps us on our journey to transform our virtual engagements with government.

Please join me for a few minutes to hear about the reasoning behind velosimo, the difference we make, and the value we bring to all of government and our digital experiences.

Throughout my years working with Government, an ever-growing need became increasingly apparent: integration technology was broken, contributing to terrible digital experiences and frustration everywhere. So, in 2018 I launched velosimo to transform GovTech integrations with the industry's first integration platform as a service (iPaaS) focused solely on Government and staffed by industry veterans. As our business grew, I was thrilled to witness how fast our connectors were adopted. And even more excited to learn of the meaningful positive impact they bring to government agencies.

The industry is full of broken, point-in-time integrations needing replacement, and many siloed systems desperately need interoperability. Even the smallest towns must modernize and offer digital services; however, other integration platforms are too complex and unaffordable for most agencies. For example, all agencies must shift to online payments, requiring a reliable and secure integration that is quick and easy to enable without programming.

By listening to Government, we developed a better way to integrate: a new self-healing platform that auto-recovers from inevitable service disruptions and is transparent and informative. And with innovative readymade integration connectors that are easy and simple to set up and use.

Agencies across the country have joined the platform. Nearly 70 now. And repeatedly, we hear from them how impactful our products are to their lives. We are humbled by feedback such as "Life Changing," "Tears of Joy," and "High Impact" and are honored to play such a critical role in the betterment of Government and the professionals serving within.

And now, I am thrilled to announce our Series A funding. This financing will help us serve Government even better with broader support, extended platform capabilities, and new products. And to reach even more government agencies ready to transform their digital services. Our new investment partners from Macquarie Capital and Valor share the same values and industry experience as us at velosimo and our early investors.

We are all incredibly excited to escalate our tradition of listening to Government and providing even more innovative ways to connect their software solutions and transform their online services by providing connected digital experiences for all.

Thank you

Read our press release here, and also a very nice piece from our friends at GovTEch here.