There's a better way to integrate GovTech

Velosimo has a better way to integrate

Have your integrations failed you?

One thing rings true with traditional govtech integrations: each will fail at some point, and the recovery costs will be high, both monetarily and the troubling cost of upset staff and citizens. 

Whether it's a system that goes down or upgrades, these old-fashioned integrations will eventually result in having to scramble to find a programmer that knows the obscure language. And that's assuming the source code is available. And then there are the transactions that failed. Did they complete it? Where are the documents, the data, the new records? The cleanup effort can be formidable.

Why go the broken, antiquated route of custom integrations when you could have the revolutionary benefits of Velosimo no-code integration connectors?

Traditional integrations are custom developed as a point-in-time, compiled, black boxes

      • The work at first, but always eventually breaks
      • Require programmers to repair, often in obscure languages
      • Go down when an integrated system is upgraded
      • Loses data, documents, and records when an integrated system goes down
      • Provide zero insight into transactions, leaving you without answers for your frustrated staff and citizens

The better way to integrate from Velosimo is prebuilt, no-code connectors

      • Provide peace of mind with trusted system interoperability
      • Future proof through all integrated system upgrades and automatically heals with reties after any integrated system downtime
      • Easy to set up and maintain by the business user
      • Provide deep insight into transactions and retires, providing answers into integration activities
      • Off-the-shelf with no coding needed, with embedded government-specific use cases built for specific interoperability

Why we are different

      • Our sole purpose is to provide software to integrate government in revolutionary ways
      • We are obsessed with customer needs and satisfaction, reflective in 100% customer retention
      • The Velosimo revolutionary platform delivers meaningful value to agencies, staff, and citizens, helping you deliver a modern, uninterrupted experience for your staff and citizens, and avoid staff frustrations and errors of double data entry and reconciliation
      • We have over 100 years of GovTech experience and our know-how translates to on-target integration connectors built specifically for government use cases

It's time to love your integrations

There's a better way to integrate GovTech

"This has saved us a lot of time…citizens as well… because it only takes a few minutes to send and receive a signed permit back"

"It’s a high-impact connection...we save employee file management time by 90%"

"Quick wins without adding resources... Velosimo’s pre-built connector provided Macomb County with a hassle-free experience"

Velosimo Delivers Value to Agencies, Staff, and Citizens