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Jurupa Valley Elevates Document Management with Velosimo's Integration

Jurupa Valley, CA, has chosen to streamline their document management process using Velosimo’s Accela to Laserfiche connector. Joining the large community of Accela and Laserfiche customers with this unmatched integration, Jurupa Valley will be connecting Laserfiche seamlessly with Accela Civic Platform enabling automatic document transfers, dynamic folder creation, and easy retrieval through folder and field mapping. 

“We are proud to be able to support Jurupa Valley's staff and community with this integration,” says Kris Trujillo, Velosimo’s CEO. "Our integration bridges the gap, connecting Laserfiche and Accela Civic Platform seamlessly. This means Jurupa Valley can focus on what matters most – serving its residents and communities while we handle the complexities of document management." 

image of accela and laserfiche connectors

Jurupa Valley is rich in history, dating back hundreds of years. "Jurupa" in Jurupa Valley derives its name from the first inhabitants of the area, Native Americans who called "Jurupa" their home. The Jurupa Valley area lies at the territorial boundaries of two different Tribes, the Gabrielino Tribe and the Serrano Tribe. 


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