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Albany, OR selects Velosimo to integrate Accela Civic Platform to Laserfiche

Albany, OR has partnered with Velosimothe only provider of cloud-native, off-the-shelf integration connectors designed explicitly for government – to reduce process complexity, lower costs, improve staff productivity, and deliver modern, connected digital experiences for staff and citizens.

"The City of Albany is excited that Velosimo is a true iPaas. They looked at other options, but its platform is a hub that allows the ability to manage multiple systems/integrations in one place," said Christina Clark, BDE of Velosimo. "Our vision is to transform government engagement by revolutionizing systems integration, and we are honored Albany selected Velosimo to deliver a connected experience in their digital engagements."

Using Velosimo's connector for Accela Civic Platform to Laserfiche, the City can look forward to document processes being integrated and automated between Laserfiche and Accela Civic Platform, Citizen Access, and Mobile. 


Albany, OR selects velosimo

The Kalapuya Native Americans originally inhabited Albany. The first European settler arrived in 1846. Walter and Thomas Monteith founded it in 1848. The city was named after Albany, New York. The first frame house in the area was built in 1849, and the first school in Albany was built in 1851. In 1852, Albany became the county seat of Linn County. The city of Albany was incorporated in 1864.

The City of Albany joins nearly 100 public sector organizations leveraging Velosimo to revolutionize work processes with cloud-based software designed specifically for government needs. 

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About Velosimo

Velosimo provides no-code, cloud-native, off-the-shelf integration connectors explicitly built for government and the distinct scenarios of inner-system use by staff and citizens, with connector management and deep insight into all connected systems transactions on the Velosimo Connect integration platform as a service (iPaaS). Velosimo also provides a revolutionary, low-code environment for rapid custom connector development by Government Technology Companies, System Integrators, and government agencies.

The Velosimo Marketplace showcases the burgeoning collection of quickly-enabled, readymade, certified connectors from Velosimo and their partners.

Government agencies are turning to Velosimo as their move towards online, touchless service drives the need for predictable systems interoperability and modern, uninterrupted user experiences.