Streamline Government Plan Reviews with Cityworks PLL and Bluebeam Studio

The Power of Integration

Integrations have become vital to successful government planning and process operations, specifically between Cityworks PLL and Bluebeam Studio.  Government agencies are now seeing the results off-the-shelf integrations can have in streamlining processes, automating routing, and integrating plan reviews into their daily workflow. 

Automatically Create the Right Bluebeam Project and Sessions and Routed Documents

When the two systems are integrated, the creation of projects and sessions in Bluebeam Studio will seamlessly be created, and documents will be automatically assigned and made available for your Bluebeam users when they are ready to perform the required reviews. This means no more manual handoffs or delays, ensuring plans move swiftly through the review process. This automated creation and routing eliminates bottlenecks and reduces the risk of lost or delayed documents during the review phase.

Efficient Plan Review Cycles

Multiple Bluebeam Studio sessions can be managed under a single Studio project, keeping everything organized for plan reviewers. Enhancing collaboration and ensuring stakeholders are on the same page, resulting in more efficient reviews. With all project information in one place, reviewers can easily access and review documents, reducing the time needed to complete the review process.

Seamless Document Handling

Being integrated allows you to automatically retrieve marked-up files from Bluebeam Studio and seamlessly incorporate them into Cityworks PLL cases. This saves time and eliminates the risk of data entry errors. Ensuring that all relevant documents are linked to the corresponding cases, making it easier to track the status of each review and access all the necessary information in one place.

The iPaaS Solution

Velosimo's off-the-shelf integration for Cityworks PLL to Bluebeam Studio is a game-changer for government plan reviews. Automating assignment, routing, and document archiving creates a fully integrated end-to-end plan review solution. With its user-friendly setup, efficiency enhancements, and insightful monitoring capabilities, this integration paves the way for a more streamlined and effective government planning process. Say goodbye to manual handoffs and hello to a future where your plan reviews seamlessly integrate into your daily operations, ultimately improving productivity and ensuring better outcomes for your agency's development projects.