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Elevate Your Government Services with Velosimo's iPaaS Connectors

As government services evolve in this digital era, integration has become critical to streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency. For those utilizing the Accela Civic Platform, the opportunity to take their solutions to the next level through seamless integrations has arrived! Today, we're excited to introduce you to Velosimo, a leading technology partner offering pre-built No-Code integration connectors to popular platforms, including Adobe Sign, Accela, Bluebeam, Cartegraph, Cityworks, CyberSource, DocuSign, Elavon, GovOS Studio, Laserfiche, Microsoft Sharepoint, OpenCounter, and Tyler Technologies.

Empowering Your Government Services with Velosimo's iPaaS Solutions

At Velosimo, we understand the importance of providing government services with efficient and effective tools. That's why we've partnered with Accela to offer off-the-shelf integration connectors designed to enhance the Accela experience. For instance, our connectors significantly improved service delivery at the City of Fort Worth. Whether you need to connect with Laserfiche, Microsoft Sharepoint, or Google Drive for document management or CMS-related activities, Velosimo's iPaaS integration connectors have you covered. Learn more from the City of Fort Worth case study.

Simplifying Document Management with Velosimo

Gone are the days of struggling with document management. Velosimo's Document Management connectors for Accela operate seamlessly, regardless of the system you're transferring documents to. You can use your Agency's document management system as the real-time source for Accela documents or leverage Accela's process events to trigger the passing of specific documents based on your government service requirements.

Unlocking New Possibilities for Your Government Services

Integrating Velosimo's iPaaS connectors offers numerous benefits for your government services. By streamlining processes, improving collaboration, and enhancing organizational efficiency, you can take your initiatives to new heights. Plus, the procurement process has never been easier! You can purchase Velosimo's iPaaS connectors through your existing Accela contract or explore cooperative contracts, such as NCPA, OMNIA Partners, and NASPO.

Velosimo - Your Trusted Integration Partner

In this digital age, a reliable integration partner is crucial for the success of government service. Velosimo is dedicated to delivering innovative iPaaS solutions that simplify complex integrations and empower businesses to thrive. The best part? Our No-Code connectors put the power in your hands, enabling you to build seamless connections with many platforms without extensive coding.

Take the Next Step with Velosimo's iPaaS Integration Connectors

Ready to elevate your government services with Velosimo's robust iPaaS integration connectors? The possibilities are limitless. By embracing this transformative journey, you can unlock new efficiencies, drive collaboration, and optimize your operations. Take the next step by exploring our offerings and scheduling a meeting with our team to discuss how these connectors can specifically benefit your business.

Elevate Your Government Services with Velosimo's iPaaS Solutions

At Velosimo, we are passionate about empowering government services through seamless integration. Our iPaaS connectors open opportunities, helping you achieve a more connected and efficient workflow. Thank you for considering Velosimo as your integration partner. We are excited to work with you and support your government service's growth and success.