What Is a Cloud Adoption Framework for Government Agencies?

As a major government agency stakeholder, you are tasked with developing a cloud adoption framework and need more information before you can begin.

Or, perhaps you are still in the preparatory phase for a government cloud adoption program and know that you may be partnering soon with a third-party team of experts (like Velosimo) who will help you when it comes to integrating various software tools relied upon by your team.

Why is cloud adoption important for government agencies? Read on to explore what’s involved in a cloud adoption framework.

What Is Cloud Adoption?

As IMImobile Quality Analyst Sudheer Reddy puts it, cloud adoption is a strategic move your organization can make to reduce risks, lower costs, and help you scale up your various database capabilities. The degree to which your agency relies on the crowd will depend on the specific nature of your tasks and the people you serve.

IT professionals make Cloud computing possible by setting up vast data servers in multiple locations. Having redundant servers is a vital aspect of the cloud, as it enables your services to continue uninterrupted in the face of a local outage, such as during a natural disaster or severe crash of your systems.

What Is a Cloud Adoption Framework?

A cloud adoption framework is a consolidation of advice and guidance “to help you create and implement business and technology strategies for the cloud,” as noted by Microsoft. “It provides best practices, documentation, and tools. Cloud architects, IT professionals, and business decision-makers use this information to achieve their cloud adoption goals.”

What Are Some Challenges Government Agencies Face During Cloud Adoption?

Handling integrations with different software tools is a critical challenge for government agencies.

Other challenges include updating the skills of critical personnel, who may need to be retrained if you cannot find new recruits as quickly as you need. Areas of cybersecurity and software engineering will be among the chief areas of expertise you’ll seek.

If you don’t have cloud-savvy members on your team, you’ll have to focus some time and effort on planning your path forward. This begins with establishing cloud-first policies. The arguments for a government agency are similar to what stakeholders discuss in enterprise environments.

You want access to robust computing and data services that are accessible 24/7/365, with staff on hand at the SaaS cloud provider to keep things running behind the scenes. This mandate will guide your upcoming plans for software procurement and deployment.

Procuring the right mix of software solutions will be another challenge, with you having to perform due diligence in vetting the most appropriate solutions. You’ll evaluate the price, ease of use, and how it will integrate with your entire system.

Planning the Path Forward and Establishing Cloud-First Policies

Your first order of business may very well be to hire outside consultants. The world of enterprise cloud computing and how it joins forces with processes in government agencies can be tricky to navigate on your own.

Cloud Adoption Framework Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more frequently posed questions we receive when government entities inquire about their own cloud adoption framework.

How Does a Cloud Adoption Framework Help Government Agencies?

A cloud adoption framework for government processes helps bring agencies closer to how modern enterprises conduct business at scale. A complex task with many moving parts calls for a solid framework based on the experience and opinions of seasoned computer and software professionals.

Your “customers,” also known as community members, have come to expect computer services to be available 24/7/365. It’s possible to do this in a government agency during regular working hours if you are staffed to offer support during off-hours. But if that’s not the case, the people who want access would be better served with a cloud computing approach. The system is always active, requiring professionals working behind the scenes to keep it running.

What Is a Cloud Adoption Framework with Government Agencies?

A cloud adoption framework relates to government agencies in that it prepares such entities to take advantage of cloud solutions on the market, as noted by the Office of the Federal Chief Information Officer, explaining that “As agencies adopt and migrate to cloud platforms, the impact that these migrations have on the Federal workforce needs to be examined. Specifically, agencies should identify potential skills gaps that emerge due to a transition to cloud-based services, and, where needed, equip their existing staff with additional skills and knowledge.”

That’s what they need to do to remain current on new technology options for them to research and then procure for installation.

Why Does the Government Need to Handle Integrations Between Applications?

As with any valuable tools and processes, cloud migration is not a project you enter into lightly. Your government agency undoubtedly has a great many relied-upon applications.

Some may be legacy software solutions you cannot give up today. It’s not unusual for agencies to use customized software that may not integrate easily with modern applications. In any event, it’s incumbent on you to address integrating your software when you transition to the cloud.

Now Is the Time for Your Government Agency to Partner With Velosimo for a Smoother Digital Transformation

When it comes to cloud migration and developing a cloud adoption framework, government agencies often have their hands full, evaluating software products and determining the best road map for establishing an enterprise-level platform with the appropriate security baked right in.

In addition to becoming more familiar with a cloud adoption framework, you will want to understand industry best practices. Hence, your cloud adoption journey takes your organization where you need it to be: better positioned to serve the public and carry out your mission.

Naturally, one of your priorities will be to contact an integration specialist who can apply business strategies to what government agencies require for integrations as they plan their cloud migration. That’s where Velosimo can help. We are cloud and on-premise integration specialists who help organizations follow best practices as they adhere to a sound business strategy to integrate current software in use with Software as a Service and to ensure predictable and uninterrupted interoperability today, during your migration, and once migrated to the cloud.

For guidance or to learn more about developing a framework for integration services, please contact the cloud adoption framework experts at Velosimo today.