Gov Workflow Enhanced: Accela + DocuSign & Adobe Sign

Improving staff and customer experience is paramount for government agencies. Suppose you have documents generated within Accela’s robust Civic Platform and require staff or external contact signatures or notaries. You can automate this process by seamlessly integrating with popular platforms like Adobe Sign and DocuSign.

Effortless Integration with DocuSign and Adobe Sign

You can now easily and quickly automate electronic signatures into your application, workflow, and inspection processes. Whether it's an important contract, a permit application, or an inspection report, you can have a smooth electronic signature experience.

Government agencies can seamlessly link Accela contact data to designate the appropriate signatory for documents, significantly reducing the time and manual effort needed for document management.

Your customers will benefit from this streamlined process, too. Reduce the paperwork your customer has to handle and provide them with faster, predictable response times. This helps your staff by incorporating this step into your existing workflows.

Improving government agency efficiency and enhancing the experience for staff and customers is crucial. Integrating electronic signature platforms like Adobe Sign and DocuSign is a data-driven solution, as electronic signatures can reduce document turnaround times by up to 80% and decrease error rates by 90%. Additionally, by seamlessly connecting Accela contact data to designated signatories, agencies can significantly reduce the manual effort required for document management. This streamlined process benefits staff and leads to a 40% increase in overall customer satisfaction by reducing paperwork and providing faster response times. With Velosimo's innovative iPaaS, Accela Civic Platform users can easily harness these efficiency gains and provide a superior experience for both customers and staff, making it clear that embracing the future of electronic management is a data-backed path to success.

Having a pre-built, off-the-shelf, electronic signature integrations offers an immediate solution for your agency to modernize your current workflow and provide a superior experience to your customers and staff. With effortless integration and user-friendly administration, Accela Civic Platform users can unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity. Is it time to embrace the future of electronic management?

About Velosimo:

Accela Civic Platform users now have an exciting opportunity to enhance their solutions through seamless integrations with best-of-breed third-party systems, like DocuSign and Adobe Sign, thanks to Velosimo's innovative iPaaS. Velosimo offers proven, pre-built, cloud-based, and user-friendly electronic signature connectors to make it easier to streamline signature processes and enhance your agency's efficiency.