Customer Announcement

Oregon Boosts Efficiency with Large Scale, Innovative Document Management Integration by Velosimo

The Oregon State Building Codes Division (BCD) has streamlined its document management for 87 ePermitting agencies and the Manufactured Home Ownership program by integrating Accela Civic Platform and Laserfiche, facilitated by Velosimo's connector. This integration has automated the transfer of over 200,000 documents without any manual intervention.

This seamless automation operates in the background, allowing the BCD team to focus on their strategic initiatives. "We're enhancing how agencies manage documents and interact with technology," says Kris Trujillo, CEO of Velosimo. "Our technology ensures flawless data management, freeing time for our clients to serve their communities better."

Celina Patterson, Program Manager for Oregon BCD, praises the integration for its efficiency and compliance enhancements. "The Velosimo Laserfiche connector has provided peace of mind for Oregon’s Manufactured Home Ownership Document program, which provides property titles to manufactured homeowners. Since the program is required to preserve title information for the home's life, it’s been critical to have a document backup separate from the existing database. Using the Velosimo connector to automate this backup of home ownership information has been a huge time-saver, providing the necessary data redundancy and the knowledge that we are protecting citizen’s vital property data.”

This collaboration showcases a scalable model for public sector efficiency, demonstrating the substantial benefits of integrating sophisticated document management technologies.

"The integration of Accela and Laserfiche through Velosimo's connector has allowed us to handle records more efficiently across all the agencies we serve. This has significantly reduced manual efforts, enhanced our operational efficiency, and given us peace of mind," stated Patterson from the State of Oregon.