Electronic Signatures Seamlessly Embedded into Agency Workflows

Revolutionary Integrations for Electronic Signatures

With the need to provide touch-less digital services, digital signatures are a natural solution, and the Velosimo off-the-shelf integrations for electronic signature solutions, digital signatures are woven seamlessly into daily government processes in your permitting and licensing system with automated assignment, routing, and final document archiving for a fully automated and integrated end-to-end review and signature process and modern, uninterrupted experience for staff and customers.

Digital Signature Integtations

Velsimo integrations for e-signature bring meaningful impact to Agencies

    • Time savings for staff and citizens
    • Eliminated manual tasks and redundant work
    • Eliminated process confusion while increasing satisfaction
    • Automated routing to staff and citizens for signatures
    • Utilizes existing system workflows and other agency-specific configurations
    • The final, signed document is automatically uploaded to the system record
    • Quick and easy setup and maintenance designed for business users
    • Easily update or add new documents and flows without programming
    • Insight into transactions, smart recovery activities, and connected system outages


We have pre-built no-code integrations for DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Accela, and Citysworks, with more coming soon!

It's quick and easy to integrate e-Signature Solutions

Integrate e-Signatures at your Agency Today!

Jessica Hicks uses Velosimo Integration for DocuSign to Accela
"This has saved us a lot of time…citizens as well… because it only takes a few minutes to send and receive a signed permit back"

Jessica Hicks, Macomb County, MI


Thida McBratnie uses Velsimo to integrate Docusign
"Quick wins without adding resources... Velosimo’s pre-built connector for DocuSign provided Macomb County with a hassle-free experience"

Thida McBratnie, Macomb County, MI


Learn how Macomb County delighted staff and citizens with a connected experience, saved time and money, and increased efficiency with DocuSign intelligently integrated with the velosimo no-code integration connector.

      • Increased citizen and staff satisfaction
      • Faster processing time
      • Eliminated manual tasks
      • Eliminated redundant work
      • Eliminate process confusion
Macomb County partnered with Velosimo to integrate Accela and DocuSign

Velosimo Delivers Meanignful Impact to Government 2-1
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