Case Study

A Case Study: of Efficiency and Savings in the Town of Marana, AZ

Enhancing Municipal Asset Management
Case Study: Background and Challenge

The Town of Marana, Arizona, integrated ESRI Survey123 with their asset management system, Cartegraph Operations Management System, allowing data captured from their teams in the field to be transferred seamlessly into their systems. External vendors and field personnel can now provide data easily from the field using a mobile-friendly interface without being provided direct access to the Town’s Asset Management system.

The Town of Marana, led by Shawn Cochran, the Asset Systems Manager, encountered several critical operational challenges before implementing this
solution. Cochran explains,” We were evaluating how we met certain business
needs, and we were starting to bump up against technical and financial
barriers.” The challenges included:

  • Third-Party Data Input: They needed an easy, low-cost option for external vendors to input data efficiently without giving external vendors direct access to the Town’s Asset Management system.
  • Mobile Device Usage: The solution required an easy-to-use interface for the external vendors to leverage on their mobile devices.
  • Lack of Suitable Solutions: The Town looked into various solutions to streamline data input from other third-party vendors into the town’s Asset Management system, but none met all the requirements.

Results: A Strategic Solution

The solution significantly improved the Town of Marana’s asset management data collection processes to be more effective, efficient, and productive.

More Effective: The Town of Marana has real-time visibility into field operations, enabling them to identify incomplete work earlier in their review process. This has prevented premature vendor payments and ensures tasks are completed satisfactorily. Cochran
added, “It has helped us out quite a bit. For example, a third-party vendor sent us an invoice, and we could instantly verify the work that had been completed and what still needed to be finished. This gave us better transparency earlier in the process and improved the experience with the third-party vendor.”

More Efficient: The streamlined data collection process has saved 40% of the hours previously spent on manual data entry, significantly improving overall staff efficiency and job satisfaction.

More Productive: The Town of Marana performs data quality control checks more effectively with these real-time data updates. They can identify problematic areas, such as blocked manholes, and address them promptly, which allows the Town to be proactive.
They can now determine which storm culverts require immediate attention based on operational and structural conditions, saving time and resources.

The Town of Marana transformed its asset management processes with this innovative connector from Velosimo. The real-time visibility into field operations has proved invaluable, ensuring tasks are completed satisfactorily and enhancing overall municipal asset management. Cochran concluded, “The new solution played a pivotal role in modernizing the Town of Marana’s asset management, paving the way for more effective, efficient, and productive operations in the future.”