Automated document interoperability between Laserfiche and Adobe Sign

Laserfiche to Adobe Sign Integration Connector

With the Velosimo off-the-shelf integration, Laserfiche and Adobe Sign seamlessly combine to revolutionize daily government processes. Experience the power of digital signatures from Adobe Sign woven effortlessly into Laserfiche, streamlining workflows and enhancing efficiency. Our automated assignment, routing, and final document archiving functionalities enable a fully automated end-to-end review and signature process. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and hello to a modern, uninterrupted experience for both your staff and customers.

Laserfiche to Adobe Sign Integration Connector Capabilities:

  • Utilizes existing Laserfiche processes and incorporates Adobe Sign signatures into workflows, forms, and document repository functions
  • Automated routing to staff and citizens for signatures
  • Easily set trigger points to send documents or forms for signatures within Laserfiche administration tools
  • The final, signed document is automatically uploaded to the designated location in the document repository in Laserfiche
  • Take advantage of signatures and stamps using Adobe Sign tools for citizen and staff signing needs
  • Quick and easy setup and maintenance designed for business users
  • Easily update or add new documents and flows without programming
  • Insight into transactions, smart recovery activities, and connected system outages

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